The Ovum Factor Book Cover

Readers' Reviews

I finished your book and very much enjoyed it. I was intrigued by the storyline, and loved the visual effects your writing created. I'm also extremely impressed by your background knowledge and the vivid description you gave on all those exotic locations.
Anna Abracen
Beaconsfield, Quebec

Ever since I returned home with your book, I have not been able to set it aside (except for teaching two classes). The Ovum Factor is an artful combination of philosophical reflection, human humility and, of course, much adventure. Once again, congratulations on a fascinating book that deserves to be read by many.
Dr. Yakov M Rabkin, international renowned writer, historian,university professor
Montreal, Canada

I waited a month before submitting this review of this wonderful book. I wanted to see if after this period of time, it would still have the same impact. Indeed, it has. The Ovum Factor is a real adventure and a haunting one at that. Whatever you do, don't turn to the last page to see what happens. As this is a real page-turner, you will get to the end very quickly. And - in between, there is a real message, namely the challenges affecting mankind. The book's response combines very skillfully modern science with tribal remedies, history and legend are intertwined and likewise religion and superstition. Don't read this book if you're reading another one at the same time, for once you start The Ovum Factor, you won't let it down.
David Franklin
Professor of Law, Consul General of Iceland in Montreal

I found the science in The Ovum Factor very interesting, and credible. The characters are well-depicted and generate empathy in the reader. Also, very importantly, the┬┤hero┬┤completes both an actual and metaphysical journey, which is emotionally satisfying.

Although very different in genre, in some ways, The Ovum Factor is reminiscent of The Celestine Prophecy, which so successfully pulled off a similar storytelling style combining ideas and action. The theme of synchronicity running through The Ovum Factor will certainly have an appeal to an audience that has become familiar with this sort of idea about the way the universe works.

The story strands pull together successfully. The sense of place is wonderful and the characters are varied and well-drawn.
Eleanor McKenzie, editor, author
United Kingdom & Spain

Very well done. As well written as any of the genre that I've read - Michael Crichton, Dan Brown. Fascinating story with lots of surprises - a good read.
Del Chatterson